Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Q-What did the chicken say to the apple?

A-Don't mix us together or we'll look like barf on a plate.

My crockpot and I have been bonding lately. Mainly due to the fact that my hubby cannot drive himself to and from work due to his injury. We pick him up from the office and bring him home. It's great having him home at 5 pm everyday, but it threw our dinner routine into a bit of a whirlwind.
When I would normally be getting dinner ready, I'm now bundling up my kiddo's and warming the van up. (Did I mention that it is -38 degrees Celsius here? The van needs warming!!!)
We don't mind this trip at all. It's quite fun for the lot of us. The only downside is that dinner was getting started later and I love to have dinner for my man when he gets home. It's great family time to reconnect.

My solution to this dilemma is my crock pot. Blessed thing. Throw things in there, let it cook all day, and presto-change-o you have dinner ready just when you pick up your husband from work.

But today, things went awry.


My girlie got sick. Puking sick. Mama-I-don't-feel-well-and-I think-I'm going-to-just-be-in-bed sick. A quick phone call to my man to let him know we won't be picking him up and could he please find a ride home. I'm not too worried the crock pot is working it's magic.

4:45 pm I put the rice in the rice cooker and things are cooking
5:00 pm Hubby comes home to much pomp ad celebration from the kids
5:06 pm I break an ornament we had spent all day making ( Sadness to the power of ten)
5:09 pm Vacuum is now forever in the on mode. Not sure why. Unplug and move on.
5:15 pm Dish up dinner. A new recipe (in my quest for trying out new things in a crock pot):

Chicken in Applesauce.

If you are saying, "Ewww, gross." Then your voice is rising with the clamor that came from my house this evening. In my defense, it sounded like a good idea at the time (The time may have been late at night).

Girlie isn't feeling any better. We help her puke in the toilet and then return to the kitchen and we look at the crock pot's offerings. The gloppy, bland, runny and neutral colored offerings.

Just a word to the wise...between friends and all.
Don't make applesauce chicken...because not only does it look like puke. It tastes like puke.


Sissy said...

This account of your day is quite crazy!!! I am sad that your girl is sick, and even sadder that your dinner turned out gross. That happened to me last night too. I attempted Martha Stewart's Stovetop Mac and Cheese. Four cups of Sharp Cheddar cheese later, I had a huge pot of the mildest tasting mac and cheese with a grainy sauce. Yuck. Velveeta shells and cheese, I'm sorry I cheated on you!

TobyLauren said...

I think I just threw up in my mouth, a little.

Daughter of the King said...

Thanks for the tips! Oh, how I love your cooking adventures:)