Sunday, April 4, 2010

Christ is Risen!

Christ is Risen Indeed!

Happy Easter Everyone!

What did you do with your family for Easter?

We celebrate Good Friday with a lavish breakfast and remember Christ's lavish love for us.
On Saturday night we go to the cross that we put up. For the last three weeks, we have had a huge painted cross on our wall. As the days go by, any sin, attitude or concern that comes up, we put it onto the cross. Then on Saturday night, we read each one out loud and commit them to him.
On Sunday morning, my kids woke up to see all their sins, worries and fears turned into hearts with the words "Forgiven", "It is Finished,", etc. written on the hearts. We are forgiven! It is finished!

Then they do an egg hunt for plastic easter eggs. When they open them, there are notes filled with blessings and scriptures and words about how unique they are.

And then we go looking for the basket...and we are blessed with all sorts of spring toys and joys. Bubbles fill the house, stickers are played with and bracelets are made.

Then we put on and spend time in worship as we get ready for church.

We're ready to rejoice with friends and family that Christ is Risen!

Christ is risen indeed!

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rachel said...

what a wonderful wonderful day! i love the cross idea!
we have a big family lunch, a bit like christmas, and spend the afternoon together, sharing chocolate and small my parents, my bro and i all go to different churches in the morning it's nice to have that time together today.
happy easter! He is risen indeed! xxx