Thursday, April 8, 2010

Flashback Friday: Dear Diary

Welcome to Flashback Friday.
Each Friday I write about something from my past. Sometimes it's meaningful, sometimes it's nonsense. But it all has purpose. Our past moments, however significant, have all been a part of the story of who we why not tell it!
Join me each Friday as I announce a topic and then we write about it and look back to see how far we've come.

I have been spring cleaning and found my old journals.

A journal is like an old friend isn't it? It holds your dreams, your fears, your suspicions--real and imagined, and it helps you understand yourself in a whole new way.
I loved finding my aunt's old journal up in my Grandma's attic. But I was bitterly disappointed to see that the juicy bits were all taken out. Humph!
That is not the case in this attic, my friends.

This is a journal entry on which I commented on numerous times over the years adding a thought here and there.

April 24 1993
It takes a big person to forgive. I am NOT a big person.
Thank you God for helping me to forgive Greg. Only you can help me.
I love You always.

July 20 1994
What did Greg do?

Jan 26 1995
Who cares? I chose to forgive!

March 18 1995
Isn't it crazy how you can laugh at your immaturity. hahahaha!

Dec 31 1995
Looking back on that whole Greg thing--who cares, who really cares?

April 9 2009
Apparently I did. A lot.

How about you? Do you have a memory about your journals? A thought about your blog and how it has become a record of all that you've loved, lost and gained? Link up and tell us about it.

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