Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friday Flashback: In 9 months time

Welcome to Flashback Friday.
Each Friday I write about something from my past. Sometimes it's meaningful, sometimes it's nonsense. But it all has purpose. Our past moments have all been a part of the story of who we why not tell it!
Join me each Friday as I announce a topic and then we write about it and look back to see how far we've come. (Feel free to link in with old posts)

My friend Camie from My Life in a Blog picked this week's topic. Here's what she choose:
I considered a few options. And then I thought of the one story that gets every mother's tongue wagging and that is pregnancy and/or labor. You could include how you knew you were pregnant. Now, I've also taken into consideration that you might not be a mother yet, so I'd like to suggest that you share with us what it was like to hear your birth/adoption story as a child.
Whatever comes to mind when you read: In 9 months time....

Here's my story. It starts NOW:
I suspected I was pregnant with my first child but ignored symptoms. I figured I was newly married and incapable of getting pregnant that quick.
Turns out I come from very fertile soil.
My husband and I went to the doctor's and I asked Jeep to wait out in the waiting room while I went pee in a cup. They ushered me into the room once I left my sample and then a nurse or the doctor, can't remember, told me that I was pregnant. And I remember thinking, "Where is Jeep?" But we had just not been able to get to the room together. We were newly married and didn't realized how things worked. Always go with your spouse on big issues--nurses like to hurry you into tiny rooms and reveal life altering truth while handing you a gown and recommending you get naked.

I knew I was pregnant with my second child when I opened the fridge door and I looked at the Sricha sauce and the mayo and thought, "I should mix those together."
I shut the fridge door and said, "Baby, I think we're pregnant."

The third time, I thought I was pregnant.
I was going into the doctor's office for a follow up for one of my kids and I thought I'd get a pregnancy test done. It came back negative and I went home crushed.
I was depressed for a week and sat on the couch lethargic and morose.
Jeep was home from working out of town and I was a general lump on the couch complaining that I needed more sleep, more food and more sanity. Heather came the next week and I said, "I don't know why I'm in such a funk. I just can't get my act together." She asked if I was pregnant and I said 'no. I was down a little about not being pregnant and was generally feeling lost as a mom and woman.
"You're pregnant," she declared.
I knew I wasn't.
Jeep came home with a pregnancy test. I obliged but I left the room and sat on the couch. I told him he and my daughter could let me know the results.
Well my sweet little girl came running in and said, "Guess what, mama? You are going to have a baby!"
And I did.

What's your story from "In 9 months time..."


Christine said...

Great topic and I love that your daughter told you! How cute:)

the lady of the house said...

I had Pauly take my preg. test (cleaned off - mind you) to Daddy to let him know we were expecting #2. W/ Pauly I told you the doctor thought I had miscarried and wanted to do the DNC on me and I said no and 9 mo. later Pauly was born... So thankful. Love your stories!!

Dani said...

"Turns out I come from very fertile soil."
Laugh! :)

Camie said...

Awe! Thanks for hosting much fun! Blessings to you!

Daughter to THE King said...

HAHA! I love the Sricha sauce and the mayo baby. Tooooooo funny!

LeAnna said...

I just love the way you write! This was too cute! I also love that as women we remember the intricate details to these special times in our lives...and we'll never forget!

Muthering Heights said...

LOL, I love that you thought you were pregnant from a craving!

My husband forced me to take a pregnancy test {for our third} when I kept trying to eat broccoli with melted peanut butter on it!

Daughter of the King said...

I definately remember that visit! so many good memories...oh how I miss the days of our talks in the kitchen.