Monday, April 26, 2010

The post in which I pretend I am The Lumber Jack's Wife

Are you reading the Lumberjack's Wife?
You need to. She is hilarious!
She once had a dermatologist insist that one of her children was adopted even though she repeatedly defended the fact that this was the child who came forth from her womb and she had the labour story to prove it.
She is a new fave of mine.
Shout out to Lumber Jack's Wife.

And since I love her blog so much I thought I would pretend to be her.

It starts now:

This is an important blog post so please pay attention.
Thank you.


A quick shout out to The real Lumber Jack's wife, Christine and my girl, Camie for participating in Flashback Friday. Holla, people! Holla!

Item #2

Don't make eye contact with a pig.

Item #3

Camie is my personal friend. (I just mentioned her in Item #1, keep up, people!)
Not just a blog friend. I mean, I know her in real life. (Lucky me!) And her pictures don't do her justice. She's gorgeous. And smart. She reminded me of why I blog.'s. fun.
So I wanted to let her know that after a good night's sleep I am much more myself and not nearly as narcissistic as I was yesterday. I realized there is no paparazzi following me around.

Item 3a:

I do not mean that her picture makes her look nasty. I mean that she is even prettier in person.
Thank you.


I decided that I want to copy The Lumberjack's Wife crazy adjective game. It's where you post adjectives in the comment section and I write a post using those very adjectives. But I'm going to kick it up a notch by providing this information:
I will write a Not Me Monday post using your adjectives

Oh and 1000 (meaningless) points to those who can put in simile's. Oh, you bet your bottom dollar I will include them in my Not Me Monday post.
There's your assignment. Now go!
You have until Noon PT time today.

For those who stayed with me...
Thank you.

Item #5

There was no item number four and I just jumped to five and you never caught on. Keep awake, people!

Real Item#5

Fancy shout out to my new friend Jenn (click here) She's my new friend because Number 1. She said she was and Number 2. She reads Amy Beth. She commented a few days ago and I never said hi. Hi Jenn. Now, the whole world knows about you (oh, yes people, the whole world. I read my stats. I know you are all listening!) High kicks and loud screams for Jenn everyone! Yah!

Item #6

Courtesy shout out to all others who have commented and I have not commented back. I've lost track. Sorry 'bout that, but if you understood what my laundry room, me thinks you'd understand. So, consider this the big "Hello" and "Thank you" and now we are all square and caught up. I'm resetting my clock to zero.
Now, feel free to comment.
Go! Go! Go! Go!


I'm sorry if that last shout out to the vast many seems impersonal.
Thank you.

Item #8

I'm done now.

PS. Please comment and leave a simile or adjective for me to write my Not Me Monday post. Only guidelines are to keep your words relevant...
Keep it Christian, people!
Thank you


thelumberjackswife said...

Ha! Awesome, thank you! I will email you in a bit-on my way out the door.
Thank you! You made my day!

LeAnna said...

How fun! Here are my adjectives... ;)

* Delightful
* Mischievous
* Colorful

Jenn said...

YOU TOTALLY DESERVE A HUG FOR THAT SHOUTOUT. (Get it? Shouting a shoutout? :D) If you're ever near the South, let me know and I'll treat you to lunch, and I'll bring Amy Beth with me!!! Also, I'm now subscribing to the lumberjack wife's blog.

Also, I am normally able to come up with words and right now... Nada. Oh wait... pyrrhic (meaning achieved at great cost... like my weight loss!)

You rock! XOXO!

Christine said...

I have to say that you did a great impersonation! Fun post:)

Jenn said...

Cute post! I'll have to check out the Lumberjack's wife.

Let's see an adjective...


A simile... a raindrop

Camie said...

Awe!!! Thank-you and much love your way sweet friend! And this post was great! And thats that - blogging is fun and it need not be anything else.

Blogging is fun as in funner then a wet, slippery and fast water slide on a boiling hot day, boiling hot as in hotter then a new, super-sized microwave on high heat! Hmmm, see if you can use those! lol Looking forward to your next post sista! Sista as in simply fabulous, dear and wonderful friend and real sister-in-Christ! Have fun! xoxox


redeemed diva said...

Similes and adjective contributions now closed.
Thanks Ladies. This should be fun!

the lady of the house said...

Oh my. What a funny post! I went and visited each of the gals - thanks for the "hook-up"

Adjectives: Greasy

Simile: Cute as a button. (yes I'm a dork and had to google Simile... man I wish I could do school over sometimes... or maybe I should just start taking ginkgo biloba so I can remember things. *tee hee* Can't wait till Monday :)

Tracy said...

You just reminded me that I have to do laundry. Other than that, I laughed the whole way through.


Sandy@Life Began In A Garden said...

I think you have the LJW down pat. What's next, PW?
Tight as a drum
Sharp as a tack
Cold as stone

How's that?

Christina said...

That is so funny...I'm so glad that I stopped by.
I'm sorry to have missed the adjectives/similes entry stuff...but I'll look for your not me post. :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice impersonation :)